Andrew & Julie Engagement

I should probably go pack considering I’m leaving in a few hours but hey – it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded some pictures. That and I have some great shots from an engagement session I did yesterday! I know Julie from elementary school and she came across my website thanks to a plug from her younger brother…who plays on the volleyball team I coach (thanks bud=). I’ll be shooting her and Andrew’s wedding in July and was really hoping we’d get an engagement session in before I take off. Finally got a day that worked so we met at Steveston and walked around for a couple hours talking and taking pictures. Although the shot that I had been eyeing the whole time didn’t pan out (some guy had his car parked in the way), I’m really happy with how the rest turned out.

I’m off to Ecuador until April 30 so chances are I won’t be uploading any pictures till I get back…unless I find a ballin’ computer in the galapagos to do some editing haha. Hopefully I’ll have lots to share after. I’ll keep some resemblance of a blog on my facebook page so check there if you want to see what I’m up to.

This is actually 24 pictures smashed into 1, creating a many megapixel picture.
Quite Possibly one of my favorite portraits I have ever taken.

these photos are awesome, mathias. love all the angles .. great work!

those are awesome Matt! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Have a great trip!

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