Three years ago, on a botched first date in a grungy arcade, I had a conversation with a girl that would change my life. The girl and I shared a dream – of leaving a mark of good on this world, in the shape of an orphanage. Fast forward to today and I am married to that girl, making plans to move our life to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in October  to pursue that dream.  It’s not certain what the future will hold but we know it’s where we’re supposed to be – and couldn’t be more excited.

      While there, I also hope to photograph weddings and elopements across East Africa. If you are planning a destination wedding on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, a grand affair in Nairobi, Kenya or an intimate elopement someplace in between I’d love to hear from you. I will continue to book weddings in Vancouver for the summer months as well.

      Below are a few pictures of past trips to Liberia and Tanzania.

      Tanzania Wedding PhotographyZanzibar wedding photographyTanzania Wedding photographerKenya Portrait Photographer--14Kenya Travle PhotographyKenya Portrait Photographer--4Kenya Portrait Photographer--6Kenya Portrait Photographer--17Tanzania Wedding Photography--4Kenya Portrait Photographer--5Tanzania Wedding Photography--4-3Kenya Portrait Photographer--18Kenya Portrait Photographer--10Kenya Portrait Photographer--23Tanzania Wedding Photography--21Kenya Portrait Photographer--24Tanzania Wedding Photography--2-4Kenya Portrait Photographer-Kenya Portrait Photographer--22Kenya Portrait Photographer--19Kenya Portrait Photographer--13Kenya Portrait Photographer--21Kenya Elopement PhotographyTanzania Wedding Photography--4-2Tanzana Safari ElopementKenya Safari ElopementNgorogoro Crater ElopementTanzania Wedding Photography--7-2Kenya Destination Wedding PicturesKenya Safari WeddingTanzania Wedding Photography--9-2Stone Town PortraitsZanzibar Wedding PhotographyZanzibar weddignstone town wedding picturesZanzibar beach weddingZanzibar wedding photographyzanzibar wedding photographerstone town wedding photography

      Chelsea and I had the opportunity to visit Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania and see the chimpanzees made famous by Jane Goodall. After two days of travel by plane and boat, we arrived at the park only to be told that we had a very short window of time to try and find the chimps as a big storm was on its way. After hiking into the jungle for hours our guide spotted the two guys below grooming each other. It wasn’t long before the rest of gang showed up and soon we were surrounded by almost 30 chimpanzees. It was an incredible experience.

      gombe stream portraitsTanzania elopementTanzania Destination wedding photographerTanzania Wedding Photography--16Tanzania Wedding Photography--17Tanzania Wedding Photography--18Tanzania Wedding Photography--19


      This is amazing and truly inspiring, Mathias. Wishing you all the very best!

      These are amazing! Your photographs truly show the beauty and human condition of your subjects.

      I am absolutely obsessed with this set of images. Brilliant work! Have an absolutely amazing time!

      Beautiful photos; I LOVE the sailing shot, good luck on booking a wedding there!

      Wow! This post is amazing. (Also, as shallow as this sounds in a post like this, I love your site design!)

      Waw… I love your photographs and it’s fantastic you’re going to make such a big dream happen. I hope we’ll be able to visit your orphanage one day.

      What an experience, thanks for sharing!

      Love the whole post, but man those last two images… Those are really special.

      To say these are amazing would be an understatement!

      Never been to Africa before as I got hooked on India, but after seeing these photos, I’m starting to feel a nudge to go there.
      I hope you have a briilant time!

      Hope you have a great time. The first black and white is beautiful.

      So amazing you two! Living your dreams is a powerful thing.

      These are fantastic, Mathias! All the best to you and your wife in this exciting stage of your lives!

      amazing! wishing you both the best and cannot wait to see photographs! we’ll be following along for sure!

      that’s amazing Mathias! Can’t wait to hear your stories! and of course, see your photographs while there!

      So exciting! These images also contain some beautiful stories. Bless you guys on this new adventure.

      have an amazing time, and enjoy every second.

      Wish you and Chelsea nothing but the best!

      Dude, WOW. What heartfelt and moving images. What an incredibly exciting decision to do this. I wish you guys much love and cannot wait to see your adventures through your photos :)