Jedi Do Battle Over False Creek

As promised – photographic evidence of the light-sabre battle I witnessed the other night.

In actual fact it’s called Vectorial Elevation. During the olympics people could hop onto a website, input some numbers and in doing so control the path of these lights. They were set up on either side of False Creek, north of the Burrard street bridge. I only managed to come out once to shoot this nightly event and now that it’s no more I wish I had done it more often. It was one of the funnest nights I’ve ever had shooting – despite falling into thorn bushes while trying to get to the “perfect spot”. The spot ending up not being very good.

Long exposures might just be my favorite photography technique – it’s cool how a few seconds can have a huge effect on the outcome of an image. Anyways…here’s what I got.

I’ll try to upload some pictures tomorrow night from an engagement session I did on Sunday…like I said  yesterday – it was a great weekend!

Batman never did show up...

Stephanie Kauffman

Wow Matt- these are amazing! I wasn’t able to see the light show in person at all, but now I feel like I have!

Awesome photos as always!

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