Although the main reason for our trip was to see the wells that were built in memory of Arno and help wherever we could, I was really looking forward to hanging out with some kids in the villages.

      If you’ve read past blog posts you’ve hopefully realized I’m hardly a wordsmith so I won’t go too long…

      God’s given me a passion for children and some of the most fulfilling times in my life have been when I’m with them… It was very easy for me to get emotionally attached to the children I got to spend time with in Liberia and it was something I’d tried to prepare myself for. I’d see them for a few minutes; perhaps a few hours so really, I wasn’t going to change their life.  Chances are another white man would come a few months later and they’d have a great time all over again. That’s not really the point though and to think it was would have been very naïve on my part. Haha I’m not really sure what I’m trying to get across…I learned to enjoy being the in the moment and hope the kids did too. Not thinking about anything other than dancing up a storm for those 5 minutes or mimicking everything we said.

      They were cute, they loved having their picture taken, they made fun out of nothing and they were a huge highlight of the trip.


      Photo credit goes to TIM WALTON for the picture above =)

      They have a thing for “thumbs-up”.

      Coal (for fires) wrapped in leaves.


      Mathias, these are so so rad! They should all win an award, I love ’em all! … THUMBS UP :)

      Stephanie Kauffman

      Wow, National Geographic stuff Matt…love it. You captured their hearts and they obviously captured yours too.

      Matty, you are truly an amazing photographer. May I use a few of your photos in my pp presentation with credit to you?

      Thanks Janet. Yes absolutely!