Peter, Janelle & My Own Super Wedding

I’m starting to put my own super-wedding together. Not really but if I ever do, I will have a stockpile of ideas to choose from. A fair number of those ideas would come from this wedding.  Vintage cars, ice-cream tent, cool order of ceremony, bridge over pond…you get the point. Peter & Janelle’s wedding was awesome.  Janelle, Peter and I had only met briefly while I was scouting the location for my cousin’s wedding. The location just so happened to be their family’s property and they just so happened to ask me to be there photographer a week or so later.  I’m glad they did. The weather couldn’t have been better. Slightly overcast for pictures before the ceremony and nice and warm afterwards.  They had also set aside tons of picture time. Perfect. Kayda  (big thanks!) and I went nuts. So nuts I almost ran out of memory cards. We’re talking 32gbs + people.

Peter & Janelle – thanks for being fun, awesome and relaxed. Thanks for letting me take thousands of pictures of this amazing day. I also say thanks in advance for allowing me to steal some ideas for my wedding…whenever that may be.


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