Exciting times!! I’m heading back to Africa! Twice in 6 months. Awesome. Same continent – much different trip. Four friends and I are heading to Liberia in May for a couple weeks. A couple summers ago we did this and it’s been made possible that we head over there and see the wells that were built. Talk about a trip of lifetime. Gonna be great. Back to wrap up South Africa though:

      1. This trip wasn’t really a “cultural experience” as you’ll be able to see in the photos below.  Peter and I went over for a wedding and decided to have a whole lot of fun while we were over there. Mission accomplished.

      2. I got to shoot the above mentioned wedding and it was grrrreeeat. I just got the photos in the mail the other day so I’ll try to post them asap. I posted one at the bottom for the time being…

      3. South Africa and specifically Cape Town is jaw droppingly beautiful. It was one of two cities I absolutely wanted to see in my lifetime (the other being rio).  I never got the picture(s) of it that I wanted but nonetheless, amazing.

      4. On more than one occasion I found myself thinking I was the most blessed person on earth. Cruisin through the countryside, riding an ostrich, chilling on the beach with friends…blessed to the max i tell you.

      5. We went on two game drives and it poured. I got a total of 3 pictures, two of which are below. Still, we managed to see all the noteworthy animals other than a leopard. We even saw the only cheetah in the entire park. And we’re not talking your neighbourhood park here people.

      The rain would stop every now and then. During a rain break we heard a lion roar in the distance – definitely a cool experience. We picked up it’s eyes in the lights of the truck but lost it when we tried to get closer. After search for 30 min we began to drive “home”. We crested a hill and there this thing was, walking right down the middle of the road towards us. She sauntered right beside the truck and into the night.


      The brand new Fairmont Zimbali Lodge.

      I forgot a piece of equipment in the hotel room and had to hand hold the filter. Thus the fingerprint smudges that I was unable to fully remove in photoshop. Boo.

      HA! Too school for cool. Who won peter?

      Good friends, good times.

      Arnold Palmer designed golf course. Same result as the tennis match =)

      Walker & Mieke. Awesome wedding.


      it’s my DREAM to go to South Africa, so jealous! gorgeous photos!