To the adventurers, the sophisticated, the daring, and the camera-shy: you’re here because something about my photography caught your eye. But my process goes beyond the image. Engaging with new people, celebrating marriage, and capturing your amazing energy—this is why I do what I do. Over 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph over 300 weddings. Each one has its own essence, and making that tangible through photography is an absolute joy and honour. You’ll feel incredible on your wedding day and behind my lens, you’ll look incredible too.

I adore people. Endlessly intriguing, endlessly entertaining, the people I have the gift of photographing are the reason I love my work so much.

I also love marriage, and I don’t just say this because my wife can see it! I believe marriage should be playful and light while being taken seriously too. It is truly the most profound and fascinating lesson in love I’ve been taught (and I know there’s still much more to learn).

I am a husband, a father, and a traveller. My wife is a creative and incredible spirit who inspires and challenges me every day. She celebrates parenthood and I feel our daughters are the greatest sources of joy in our lives. I love being the man that gets to do life with my family.

If you’re about to approach the altar with someone who inspires and challenges you, I want to remind you how lucky you are.

My family and I are always chasing the sun, splitting our time between Cape Town, Tanzania, and Vancouver. I love where we are in life and am always looking forward to the next adventure. I hope to see you there.

On your wedding day

I blend into your day seamlessly, giving you the space to celebrate naturally. I know when to take charge and when to let things unfold, allowing you to fully experience your wedding day. I’ll share candid and unexpected moments with you, delighting you by the story that your final images tell.

Breathtaking images for a lifetime of memories

We can’t wait to capture you in all your elegance. Let’s create something beautiful.