I love marriage. I say that because I truly believe in the value of the institution, and a little bit because my wife can see this. I believe that marriage should be fun, taken seriously but also lightly, and that it is the most fascinating lesson in love. I also love people. Endlessly varied, endlessly entertaining, the people I get to meet doing this job is the reason I do it. I was gifted with a passion for photography at a young age, and that allowed me the determination to get good at it. To be able to combine my love for marriage, people, and photography as a profession is an absolute dream come true.

      In my personal life, I am a husband, father, and traveller. My wife is an incredibly creative spirit, who inspires and challenges my work every day. She celebrates parenthood in such a fun and quirky way, that our daughter is the single most joy in my life. I love being the man that gets to do life with them.

      Our time throughout the year is split between Cape Town, Tanzania, and Vancouver, so that we’re always chasing the sun. I love where we are in life and am always looking forward to the next adventure!