What is your pricing?

While your needs will differ and rates may vary, coverage for local Vancouver weddings begins at $5250 CAD. Wedding day coverage in Cape Town begins at R45000. Please contact me for a detailed rate list.

Do you edit each image?

Every image you receive will have been edited and is delivered to you as a high-resolution JPEG. In addition to the standard colour, contrast, and cropping treatments, I apply my personal style and also remove blemishes, flyaways, etc.

How long will it take to receive our wedding photos?

You'll have your photos within six to eight weeks of your wedding date.

How do you deliver our images?

You’ll receive a link to an online gallery, from there, you can download your wedding photos and order prints.

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

Candid, creative, and genuine. One client said it better than I could: “Mathias never made us feel posed or awkward, and it shows in the photos—authentic, creative, and capturing a moment just right.”

Do you work with a second shooter?

I photograph most weddings alone and am very comfortable doing so. That said, sometimes the schedule or size (200+) necessitates having two photographers. For those weddings that require or prefer a second photographer, I am happy to bring one along.

Do you guarantee your work?

My goal is always to make sure you are looked after. In addition to having backup equipment and insurance, I am well connected to a large group of professional photographers who would be able to step in at a moments notice for me in the worst-case scenario. That said, after 300+ weddings I have never had to explore this option.

What if we want to book you but we don’t have a date/location yet?

A specific date is required in order to officially book my services. Having a venue, however helpful it might be, isn’t crucial. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to reach out prior to setting a date, and we can get the ball rolling.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Having your wedding in Vancouver means you need to plan for the chance of rain. Depending on your comfort level, I usually recommend bringing umbrellas or photographing indoors and under covered areas. The exact locations we end up shooting depends upon your choice of venue(s), but I have plenty I can recommend.

How far in advance do we need to book with you?

I require a 50% retainer and a signed contract in order to officially secure a date and am currently booking Vancouver and Destination weddings up to 24 months in advance. You can get in touch here.

Do you have a photo lab you recommend?

Printing your images is the absolute best way to display them and I can’t recommend it enough. The easiest option is to order prints directly through your gallery, but you are welcome to download images and bring them to the lab of your choice. In Vancouver, I recommend ABC Photo.

How many photos will we receive?

You can expect to receive 80-100 curated photos for every hour of coverage.

What is your COVID postponement/cancellation policy?

I understand postponing or cancelling a wedding is never an ideal option. That said, because we are entering our third and fourth wedding season with covid as a concern, my standard cancellation/postponement policy applies. As the retainer is used to secure a specific date, it will remain non-refundable but can be kept as credit towards a future event or session. Postponing to a future Fri–Sun date will incur a $1500 fee.

Do you travel for weddings?

As a destination photographer, I've photographed weddings throughout British Columbia, Europe, Tanzania, and South Africa. My passport (and vaccines) are up to date and I'm always ready to visit new places.

Where are you based?

I photograph most weddings in and around Vancouver, British Columbia but also spend a portion of the year in Cape Town, South Africa.

What do we need to do to prepare? What’s your process?

Ahead of your wedding day, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire which will help us both prepare for the day. This process will guide you through creating a schedule for the day and it’ll give you the opportunity to answer some pressing questions you probably have.

When it makes sense, my approach is very hands-off, documenting events as they happen. There are times throughout the day, however, when my direction is needed. In those moments, I step in and ensure your day (and photos) are flawless.