Brix and Mortar Restaurant Wedding

Thanks for stopping by! If you are planning a Brix and Mortar Restaurant wedding in Vancouver and still need a photographer I would love to hear from you. It is not only one of the most popular venues in the city but one I am very familiar with. Inquire today via the contact form at the top of the page or email me directly at Below are some images from past weddings along with the average cost of a wedding at Brix.



intimate brix and mortar wedding


Brix and Mortar Wedding Cost

The price of having a wedding at Brix Restaurant ranges quite a bit depending on which areas you want to use but the average normally works out to $100-$250 per person (plus tip and tax). You will need to contact Brix directly for more detailed pricing but below is some more info to help you get started on a budget.

Ceremony only bookings are the most affordable option and are $2000 plus service fees and taxes. This option includes usage of the private courtyard along with some decor (chairs, signing table etc.) No food and beverage is included in this amount but the option for a private, semi-private or non-private dinner can be arranged. Ceremony only bookings are limited to two time slots (morning and afternoon) and are outside of restaurant opening hours to ensure a private ceremony.

For an exclusive buyout, The Brix and Mortar wedding minimum spend ranges from $6,000 to over $15,000 depending on time of year, number of guest and menu/wine selections. Monday thru Thursdays are the most affordable options while weekend minimum spends start at $11,000. Outside of a $1000 ceremony fee, Brix and Mortar does not charge a venue rental fee. The menus are customized (and the food is incredible!) based on number of guests and your budget but range from $65-$110/person. It is important to note that gratuities (20% pre-tax) and taxes (10%PST on alcohol and 5% GST on everything)  are in addition to all rates.


Vancouver wedding vendors who helped make this Brix and Mortar Restaurant wedding happen:

Makeup // Christine Pylyik

Hair // Blo Yaletown

Florist // Studio Full Bloom

Dress // Lisa’s Bridal

Suit // Harry Rosen

Photographer // Mathias Fast Photography

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As far as urban wedding venues in Vancouver go, it doesn’t get much better than Brix and Mortar Restaurant in Yaletown.  Located on Homer Street in the heart of downtown, Brix is perfectly suited for intimate weddings. Nelson and Nashina both got ready for their wedding at their home before making their way to the restaurant for their intimate wedding ceremony. The inner courtyard is where all wedding ceremonies are held at Brix and its my favorite part of the venue. From the road it seems like many other restaurant wedding venues in Vancouver but once the curtains part you’re transported to a beautiful urban oasis. The brick lined walkway that leads into the courtyard is also one of my favorite places to take urban wedding photos in Vancouver. More on that soon. Following their ceremony and a quick cocktail, we headed out into Yaletown for a few more wedding photos with the bridal party. I often shoot in the mountains and forests surrounding Vancouver but Yaletown has quickly become my favorite place for urban wedding photos. The variety of backdrops makes for unique pictures (something I always try to give my clients) and the sun bounces off all the windows making for interesting light. The indoor wedding reception followed at Brix and Mortar. While the space can be difficult to shoot in due to the lack of natural light, recent renovations have definitely helped. The old red brick and black ceiling has been replaced with white and while is still produces moody wedding photos, its a lot easier for not only photographers but guests to see. Most of my clients book their wedding at Brix and Mortar because of the ceremony space and the quality of food. One of the bonuses of having your wedding at a restaurant in Vancouver is the catering being covered. Not only does this help with your wedding planning but you can count on the food being incredible! Part way through the reception I pulled Nelson and Nashina away for a few more wedding portraits in the courtyard. While I normally shoot exclusively with natural light, the dark courtyard allowed me to get creative with some off camera flash.

The level of service provided by the staff at Brix and Mortar is also some of the best in the city. Perhaps the best thing about Brix  is the ability to have your wedding ceremony AND reception in one place. This means the cost of having your wedding at Brix and Mortrait isn’t as much as many other wedding venues.



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