Vancouver Christmas Wedding // Megan + Poch


Thanks for stopping by! If you are planning a Christmas wedding in Vancouver and still need a photographer I would love to hear from you!

Deciding to get married during the winter in Vancouver isn’t without risks so below are a few suggestions on how to best plan your day.

1. Shoes – While I love a pair of fancy shoes as much as anyone, they don’t provide any protection from the cold. At the very least I recommend bringing along a pair of comfortable shoes and socks that you can wear if you plan to take photos outside. Chances are your dress will reach to the ground so you won’t be seeing your feet anyways.

2. Jacket or Shawl. Bring one along :) Again, if you plan on taking wedding pictures during the winter in Vancouver it is going to be cold. I always tell my clients to wear their jackets in between shots to warm up. The actual experience of having your photos taken should be enjoyable too and being warm will definitely help.

3. Clear umbrellas. Unlike most winter destinations, chances are you will NOT be getting snow on your Vancouver christmas wedding. Rain is much more likely and clear umbrellas will help to keep you dry while also allowing enough light to get through. Dark or coloured umbrellas block a lot of light on your face so I suggest avoiding them if possible.

4. Plan to take portraits inside. If taking photos inside at your venue is not an option I suggest looking into something like You’ll find plenty of unique indoor spaces that you can often rent by the hour. Unfortunately the number of free indoor photo locations in Vancouver is limited but I’d be happy to recommend a few.


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