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vancouver engagement photographer vancouver engagement photographer vancouver engagement photographer





Thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking for a Vancouver engagement photographer I’d love to hear from you. Please use the contact form at the top of the page or email me directly at In addition to engagement sessions I am currently booking Vancouver and Cape town weddings for this year and next.





As a Vancouver engagement photographer I’ve shot at most locations in and around the city. There was one location that I hadn’t shot at however and for a couple years had tried to convince clients to make the trip out with me. Located near the top of Mount Seymour, Mystery Lake is a stunning mountain lake with incredible views of Vancouver. It also requires an hour hike which is the reason most people weren’t interested. It’s something I completely understand. Most people wouldn’t feel their best after a strenuous hike and going into a Vancouver engagement session all sweaty isn’t necessarily ideal! After meeting with Russell and Victoria I decided to run the idea past them and they jumped on it. Not only did they manage to make the hike up without barely breaking a sweat but they even brought some incredible outfits along. The weather was on our side and despite a bit of rain on the way up we were treated the most beautiful sunset and even managed to snag a rainbow. Russell and Victoria looked amazing in their evening attire and still managed to scramble over rocks and logs in order to get the most epic Vancouver engagement photos. We explored the area a little chasing the light and finished with a stunning view of the city just as the lights starting coming on down below. In all my years doing Vancouver engagement photography this has to rank as one of my favorite sessions.




If you’re considering having engagement photos done in Vancouver you’ve probably read all about why they’re a good idea. Ultimately it is obviously completely up to you whether you have them done or not but many of the reasons for it are true. Getting pictures taken of yourself can be a little strange at first so a Vancouver engagement photography session helps alleviate some of that. You get a feeling for how I operate and also vise versa. As an engagement photographer in Vancouver my goal is for the whole process to be enjoyable and it always is. If you’ve taken a look through my engagement photography portfolio you’ll see my style is very candid and natural. My goal is always to document your relationship as accurately as possible I do that by having you interact with each rather than looking at the camera the whole time. At the end of the day even if you choose not to get engagement photos done it does not in any way mean you won’t be able to get amazing wedding photos. As a Vancouver and cape town wedding photographer I have shot over 300 weddings and am very comfortable showing up on a wedding day and getting people to relax. It’s a part of my job that I find very important and make it a priority.

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