2013 was seriously awesome. It was the first year I gave wedding photography a go full time and the amount of amazing people I got to meet and photograph was incredible. It was a year in which Chelsea and I traveled to Peru, New York and drove down the Oregon coast. I knocked off a location on my “places to photograph bucket list” and flooded my twitter and instagram feeds with pictures of our dog Harley.

      2014 is going to be big. In addition to photographing weddings all over North America, Chelsea and I will be taking a big step towards fulfilling a dream we’ve had for a long time. I’ll be sharing it soon over on Facebook so keep an eye out for it.

      Below is a collection of my favourite wedding and personal pictures of 2013. If you’re short on time scroll to the bottom to view the slideshow, set to one of the best songs of the year by Capital Cities.

      A big thanks to  Andrew Clausen, Elle&R, Modern Romance, and Jayme Lang for having me out this summer, a few of the images below were taken while second shooting for them.

      Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-188Vancouver Engagement Photographer-69Vancouver Event Photographer-14Kimberly + Mike-1126Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-9Destination Wedding Photographer-35Peru-134Vancouver Travel Photographer-2Vancouver Wedding Photography (33)Vancouver wedding photography-1-4Whistler Destination Wedding Photographer-59best vancouver wedding pictures-1-3Peru-32Peru-203Stephanie + Yaz-667Vancouver Concert Photography 3unique vancouver wedding photography-1-2Vancouver Family Photographer_9Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-11Victoria Wedding Photographer-7VPRMayJune-2Whistler Destination Wedding Photographer-73best vancouver wedding pictures-9best vancouver wedding pictures-10Destination Wedding Photographer-10Destination Wedding Photographer-29Els for Autism Vancouver 2013-325Peru-8Peru-42Peru-150unique vancouver wedding photos-1Vancouver Engagement Photographer-7-2Vancouver Family Photographer_6Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-2-2Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-12Vancouver Music PhotographerVancouver Wedding Photography (34)Vancouver Wedding Photography (143)Vancouver wedding photography-1-2Vancouver wedding photography-1-3Vancouver wedding photography-2best vancouver wedding pictures-1-6Kimberly + Mike-275Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-38Vancouver Event Photography (31)vancouver family photography-1Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-4Vancouver Travel Photographer-3Vancouver Wedding Photographer_19Vancouver Wedding Photographer-6Vancouver wedding photography-4Vancouver Wedding Photography-29Whistler Destination Wedding Photographer-12best vancouver wedding pictures-1-2Peru-62Peru-82Unique Vancouver Wedding Photographer-42unique vancouver wedding photography-2Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-1-2Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-94Vancouver Headshot Photographer (13)Vancouver Wedding Photographer-28Vancouver Wedding Photographer-29Vancouver Wedding Photographer-45Vancouver Wedding PhotographerVancouver Wedding Photography (10)Vancouver Wedding Photography (21)Vancouver Wedding Photography (42)Vancouver Wedding Photography (103)best vancouver wedding pictures-1-5best vancouver wedding pictures-1-7best vancouver wedding pictures-2best vancouver wedding pictures-5Destination Wedding Photographer-25Minoru Chapel Wedding-1Peru-117Peru-195Peru-228unique vancouver wedding photography-1Vancouver Engagement photographer-5Vancouver Engagement Photographer-57Vancouver Event Photographer-40Vancouver Event Photography (46)Stephanie + Yaz-220Vancouver Family Photographer_3Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-6Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-8Vancouver Portrait Photographer-7243 copyVancouver wedding photography-1Vancouver wedding photography-3Victoria Wedding Photographer-16best vancouver wedding pictures-1-4Kimberly + Mike-531Minoru Chapel Wedding-2Peru-63unique vancouver wedding pictures-1Vancouver Concert Photography 5Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-1Vancouver Engagement Photographer-7Vancouver Engagement Photographer-8aVancouver Family Photographer-5Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-2Vancouver Wedding Photographer_36Vancouver wedding photography-1-5Vancouver Wedding Photographer-10Vancouver Wedding Photography (7)Vancouver Wedding Photography (8)Vancouver Wedding Photography (18)Vancouver Wedding Photography-34Destination Wedding Photographer-40Kimberly + Mike-842Peru-97Peru-170Stephanie + Yaz-428Unique Vancouver Wedding Photographer-14Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-1-3Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-114Vancouver Family Photographer_19Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-1-5Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-1Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-7Vancouver Lifestyle Photographer-10Vancouver Wedding Photographer-49Vancouver Wedding Photography-35Whistler Destination Wedding Photographer-61best vancouver wedding pictures-1best vancouver wedding pictures-4best vancouver wedding pictures-8Destination Wedding Photographer-26Destination Wedding Photographer-32Kimberly + Mike-1176Kimberly + Mike-657Minoru Chapel Wedding-1-2Peru-197Unique Vancouver Wedding Photographer-6Unique Vancouver Wedding Photographer-13Vancouver Documentary Wedding Photographer-75Vancouver Engagement Photographer-3Vancouver Engagement Photographer-8Vancouver Engagement photographer-18Vancouver Engagement Photographer-40Vancouver engagement photographerVancouver Event Photographer-23Vancouver Event Photography (41)vancouver family photography-2Vancouver Portrait Photographer-7205Vancouver Wedding Photographer-11Vancouver Wedding Photographer-20Vancouver Wedding Photographer-36Vancouver Wedding Photography (29)Victoria Wedding Photographer-20Whistler Destination Wedding Photographer-48

      If you’re interested if having me photograph your wedding, be it in Vancouver or some other destination, I’d love to hear from you. I still have a very limited availability for 2014  and am booking weddings for 2015.  Email me at mf [at] mathiasfastphotography.com or use the contact form in the top left corner. Can’t wait to meet you =)


      Some truly outstanding work, but the second shot is incredible!

      Congrats on making a go of this full-time (not an easy decision to make!) And if this post is any indication, great things are to come.

      there are way too many amazing shots here to name all of my favorites, but that double exposure of the dog (yours?) is just ….i can’t even put it into words.

      Congrats to a great year! 2014 will be even better!

      wow. what a fabulous year. Love the one of the girl in front of the lake!

      What an amazing 2013! Heres to 2014!

      What a year! Great job.

      Here’s to 2014!

      Wow, so many amazing images! Some literally stopped me in my tracks. You had an amazing year! All the best for 2014!

      Looks like you had a great year Mathias. I love the shot of their reflection in the passing car and the bride on the edge of the lake. The image of the reflection of the woman in the red dress in the frame above the shot of the two boys at the water fountain is stunning.

      Heaps of great frames mate.

      Congrats on an incredible year! All the best for 2014.

      The second photo is so awesome!