One of the best things about choosing to elope in Vancouver vs having a larger wedding is you can get married anywhere you want! With that in mind, below are the best elopement locations in Vancouver along with photo examples of each. Keep in mind that many of these places can get very busy on weekends (especially during the summer) which is why I suggest getting married on a weekday.


      My Top Ten Vancouver Elopement Locations

      1. Lighthouse Park
      2. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
      3. Redwood Park
      4. Mt. Seymour
      5. Terra Nova Rural Park
      6. Pitt Lake
      7. Stanley Park
      8. Whytecliff Park
      9. Queen Elizabeth Park
      10. Coal Harbour

      Lighthouse Park

      Easily my favorite elopement location in Vancouver – it doesn’t get much more PNW than Lighthouse Park. The expansive park offers incredible scenery and your choice of eloping in the forest or along the water. The views of downtown Vancouver in the distance is the cherry on top.

      Take a look at THIS sessions to see what your Lighthouse Park elopement photos could look like.

      Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

      The free (and equally as beautiful) version of nearby Capilano Suspension Bridge. My suggestion for eloping at Lynn Canyon is anywhere along the banks of the crystal clear river.

      Redwood Park

      Located on the outskirts of the city in South Surrey, Redwood Park offers both fields of tall grass along with forests of towering trees. One of my favorite locations to photograph at partly due to it never being busy.

      Mt. Seymour

      The best adventure elopement location in Vancouver. My suggestion would be to take a hike up to Mystery Lake at the top the mountain. Take a look at THIS session to see what a Mt. Seymour Elopement could look like.


      Terra Nova Rural Park

      A very peaceful park setting with willow trees and tall grass close to Vancouver. I suggest eloping here during the fall when the trees change colours – an already beautiful setting is taken to the next level. See more Terra Nova Rural Park Elopement photos that I took at this wedding.

      Pitt Lake

      If you want the mountains in the backdrop (without actually hiking up them) I suggest Pitt Lake. A beautiful setting that can get very busy on any good weather day, I suggest eloping here early in the morning. All the portraits in this Pitt Lake elopement were shot here.

      Stanley Park

      A spot that will occupy every best elopement location list in Vancouver – Stanley Park is very popular and for good reason. Having photograph 100’s of weddings in the city, I have a few secret locations in the park that will ensure complete privacy. Take a look at any of THESE posts to see what your Stanley Park Elopement photos could look like.

      Whytecliff Park

      Up there with Lighthouse Park as my favorite location to photograph at. Whytecliff Park has the best sunsets of any spot in Vancouver. I suggest aiming for low tide and having your elopement in the small island just offshore. A truly one of a kind spot in Vancouver! Want to see more? Take a look at this Whytecliff Park Elopement.

      Queen Elizabeth

      My favorite location at Queen Elizabeth Park for an elopement is actually the not gardens that most people go to. At the edge of park are small groves of trees filled with ferns, making it the best “forest location” in the heart of the city. Interested in having your elopement in Queen Elizabeth Park? Take a look at these photos.

      Coal Harbour

      For more of an urban backdrop to your elopement I suggest Coal Harbour and specifically the rooftop above the Cactus club restaurant. While not the most private, it definitely the best combination of city and mountain views.

      This Coal Harbour elopement will give you an idea for the type of photos you can expect.

      Deer Lake Park

      A quiet location just outside Vancouver, Deer Lake Park is expansive and easily accessible. The portraits in this Deer Lake Park elopement were all shot in the area.

      Pacific Spirit Park

      Location at the edge of the UBC Campus, Pacific Spirit Park is a large forested area. Take any of the trails leading through the park until you get to a location that suits you.

      Take a look at these Pacific Spirit park engagement photos to get a feel for what you can expect.

      Lions Bay

      A very private location on the way to Squamish. Lions Bay is right on the water and has some of the best sunset views in Vancouver.


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